First Gymnasium of Serres

The First Gymnasium of Serres is the most historical school of the township of Serres. The Gymnasium of Serres, that is the precursor of the First Gymnasium of Serres, contributed remarkably to the education in this town.
The building of the Gymnasium of Serres was consecrated in 18th July 1926. It had a very good equipment of instruments, supervisory and a unique collection in Greece of scientific instruments, that was a donation of bequest of Gregory Rakitzi.
In the summer of 1928 a destructive fire, that burned overall 52 shops in the center of Serres, damaged the building of the Gymnasium and the equipment. In autumn of the same year, began the construction of a new building that was paid completely by a donation from Gregory Rakitzi. The new school was built in the corner of the roads L.Papapavlou Street and I.Dragoumi Street and was inaugurated in 1929.
During the school year 1936-37 the Gymnasium was divorced to Gymnasium for girls and Gymnasium for boys. During the school year 1957-58 were set up two Gymnasiums for boys in Serres. The First Gymnasium continued to be housed in the same building.
During the school year 1979-80, as all Second-Graduate schools in Greece became mixed, the First Gymnasium of Serres became mixed, too.

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