Athens University History Museum- Μουσείο Ιστορίας του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών

The Athens University History Museum is located in one of the oldest residential buildings still standing in Athens today. The historical building was the home of the architect Stamatios Kleanthis and is also known as the “Old University”, since it housed (1837-1841) the first University of the independent Greek state. The Museum was inaugurated in 1987 under the rectorship of Michalis Stathopoulos. Its collections consist of old and rare book editions, manuscripts, diplomas, scientific instruments, portraits, photographs, medals, seals and other University memorabilia.
The Museum organizes daily guided tours for school and university students and groups in Greek, English and French. It also offers learning programmes for primary and secondary schools and for families during weekends. The Museum has been a very active scientific and cultural centre for more than twenty years. Through the year, it hosts lectures, conferences, seminars, temporary exhibitions, performances, film screenings, etc. From May till October, it hosts a plethora of activities for the general public at its courtyards.

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