Frodsham and Baker

Frodsham and Baker made chronometers for British Navy. William Frodsham was partner of ‘Parkinson & Frodsham’ and his son John was expert of the Board of Longitudes. When this chronometer was made, the company was run by the son of John, George Edward.

Frodsham clock-makers

William Frodsham an established London clockmaker. His son John Frodsham (1785-1849)went in 1809 into partnership with Baker to form ‘Frodsham and Baker’. They were chronometer makers to the Admiralty and also made wall regulators. John had two sons; Henry John and George Edward. Henry John died in 1848 and George Edward succeeded to the business.
The other son of William, Charles was born in 1810 and at the age of 14 he was apprenticed to his father for seven years. At twenty, Charles distinguished himself by submitting one of his first marine chronometers to the Premium trials at Greenwich Observatory, receiving the second prize. In 1834 he was made a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and shortly after he eshtablished his own business in London, "Charles Frodsham".

Instruments from this maker: