Established in Paris in 1818 by D.F. Bardou, then run by his son P.G. Bardou, and grandson, Albert Bardou. 'Bardou & Fils a Paris', dates
1855 & 1884. It was one of the most popular small telescopes constructor at the end of the 19th c.
Won medals at Paris Exhibition of 1855 & London Exhibition of 1862, showed opera glasses and hand held & astronomical telescopes. 1876, Bardou & Sons at Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Later, Bardou & Son. Prizes at the international exhibitions of 1878 and 1889. Circa
1880s, U.S. importer J.W. Queen & Co. 1895, J. Vial became owner / manager. Catalog J. Vial, 55 Rue Caulaincourt, Paris, up to 6 inch, pier
mounted telescopes, weight drives. George F. Chambers, Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy, 1890, illustrations of Bardou observatory telescopes, including twin photographic / visual equatorial. 1911 Bardou catalog, 4 1/4-inch telescopes & smaller.
Probably the most prolific small telescope maker circa the turn of the century. Bardou lenses used in some telescopes signed by Queen, McAllister, Pike, Sussfield Lorsch, and others.


Instruments from this maker: