Melloni's apparatus

Melloni's apparatus for demonstrating properties of radiation, refraction, absortion and reflection of heat. (infrared radiation). Overall length 1 m. Many accessories are missing.
It consists of brass bar divided into centimeters and mounted on mahogany board, along the bar 6 stands can be moved and fastened in position by means of screws.
One stand has a movable arm on which the thermo-pile can be fixed. Other stands can hold prisms, wire spiral, screen with diaphragm disc (square and circular holes), inverted-U-shaped screen coated with lamp black etc.
As a source, the following can be used:
- a hollow cube of copper plate, the vertical walls of which are covered with different substances, which is filled with water and heated to 100°C to make it boil by means of an alcohol burner placed in the hollow part of the support (Leslie's cube)
- a platinum spiral heated to incandescence
- a Locatelli lamp



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Second half of 19th century


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