Motor Drive

Motor Drive of variable speed, for use in operating the rotating contactor of Nos.74670 or 74671 Cenco 40_stroboscopes, or for any other purpose demanding a variable speed drive of small power requirement. Consists of a 1/40 h.p. universal series motor provided with integral speed reduction gear, and an “Ohmite” rheostat with wiring arranged to give better control than is originally achieved with a series rheostat, both units mounted on a substantial cast iron base. A wide range of speeds from about 200 to 8000 r.p.m. can be obtained from two shafts which extend from the motor. One of these develops full load speed, and the other a reduced speed through a 5 to 1 speed reduction gear. Variable speed on either shaft is obtained by means of the rheostat control.
Manufacturer: CENCO Νο 74673


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Diameter of shafts, 7/32 inch, width of base 6,5 inches, length 10,5 inches.


All parts finished in black wrinkle enamel.


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