Optical Bench

Optical table with six horsemen, one illuminator, one projection objective and one lantern slide holder. The whole set operates as a lecture table projector and it consists of:
1. CENCO 86605 illuminator. The 86606 illuminator operates only on alternative current. The position of the bulb is adjustable. Behind it there is an adjustable concave mirror and in front of it there is a condensing lens.
2. 86607 light shield. The 86607 light shield consists of a cone-shaped hood which fastens to the front end of the condenser mount. Its purpose is to confine all stray light, thereby improving the visibility of the demonstrations. The hood is of black-finished spun metal. It has a two-inch diaphragm through which the light beam passes.
3. CENCO 86120 projection objective mounted on 10 mm rod. It is used for all projection demonstrations. It has a light shield around it to prevent stray light from reaching the screen.
4. CENCO 72288 clamp for lenses and mirror from 25 to 100mm diameter. Steel support rod 15cm long.
6. The slide holder which perhaps is made by CENCO as well.


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