Richard, Jules

Société anonyme des établissements Jules Richard
25, rue Mélingue, Paris

The firm Richard, founded in 1858 made mainly barometric instruments

Rohrbeck, W.J.

W.J. Rohrbeck's Nachfolger, Wien I., Karntnerstr. 59

Chemistry and physics equipment.


Ruhmkorff, Heinrich Daniel

Heinrich Daniel Ruhmkorff (Rühmkorff) (January 15, 1803 in Hanover – December 19, 1877 in Paris) was a German instrument maker who commercialised the induction coil (often referred to as the Ruhmkorff coil.)


Marc François Louis Secrétan (1804 - 1867), born in Lausanne, professor of mathematics at the Academy of Lausanne, moved to Paris in 1844. In 1845, he joined Lerebours and the firm "Lerebours et Sécrétan" used that name until 1880's and beyond. Sécrétan became head of Lerebours et Sécrétan after 1855.


The company was founded by Werner von Siemens, German engineer working on the telegraph on 1st October 1847.

Soleil, Henri

Jean-Baptiste-François Soleil (1798-1878) ingénieur-opticien français.