Merz, Jacob

Jacob Merz, Munich
Georg Merz (1793-1867 was Fraunhofer pupil and constructed some of the most famous 19th c. telescopes. After his death Merz factory was runned by his son Sigmund and after him his nephew Jacob

Morin - Secrétan

H. Morin - Secrétan
Marc François Louis Secrétan (1804 – 1867), professor of mathematics in Lausanne settled to Paris in 1844 where he became a partner of the instruments maker Lerebours. The enterprise was continued by his sons and after 1955 by thirds.

Nardin, Ulysse

Ulysse Nardin, Switzerland
Ulysse Nardin (1823-1876) founded the firm in 1846

Ploessl, Georg Simon

Ploessl, Georg Simon (1794-1868)
Simon Ploessl was born in 1794 in Wieden, in the vicinity of Vienna. He learned the art of woodworking by his father, a cabinet maker and in 1812 he began working at Voigtländer, one of the oldest optical product firms (established in Vienna in 1756 by Johann Christoph Voigtländer). He studied mathematics and optics and founded his own optic laboratory in 1823 at his father's house, at Freundgasse in Vienna. In 1845 36 skilled workmen were under his employment at his laboratory at 215 Feldgasse Street.